Here at The Mountain Lodge Company we feel strongly about trying to do our bit to preserve the wonderful place we live in and sustain a balance between keeping a thriving ski resort here for our lovely chalet company, yet ensuring we do out upmost to sustain our planet in any way we can.

As most of you probably feel, the small changes we keep making to how we run our business (and our lives) aren’t enough when you consider the problems facing the planet. We need mini buses to bring our guests to the chalet and get them to the slopes, some plastics are unavoidable running a chalet…the list goes on, however we are making small changes hope you are too.

  • We recycle everything that we possibly can – it’s part of our team’s job to ensure nothing is thrown away that can be recycled.
  • We are running down our stock of regular cleaning supplies and switching to a professional ECO brand so we can clean our chalet with a clean conscience.
  • We ask all guests to return their lift passes so we can recycle them at the lift pass office.
  • We are currently choosing our very own metal reusable water bottles that will be available here at the chalet. As you know there is no need to ever buy water in a single use plastic bottle anymore and if you forget to bring yours with you we can provide one for you.
  • I challenged our chef Nick to a kitchen FREE from clingfilm this year – he is doing us very proud and although not totally free from he has adapted his menu to use very very little.
  • The entire chalet is fitted with energy saving light bulbs.
  • Our menu this winter contains LOCAL products such as freshly caught trout from the local trout farm and local cheeses.

Montagne Verte is a collective set up to enable our community to make greener decisions and become a more sustainable tourism destination. We are now a donating member and can’t wait to see what changes can be made for the better of our town and resort.

Of great importance to us is to teach our kids about the environment and that the next generation grow up being ‘green’ without a second though. Our kids are doing this already – Norah (9yrs old) is on the local council for children and has already presented ideas to help the town be more environmentally friendly. Pocket ashtrays have been designed for distribution right here in Morzine, Norah has proposed more recycling bins around town and her idea to have water fountains /restaurants offering to refill your reusable bottles is in discussion.